WCCHE Forum Policies

In all our correspondences, we expect all members to self-govern and hold ourselves personally accountable to The Lord and treat others as we are called to as followers of Jesus Christ.

  • Please do not forward forum posts to people outside of WCCHE.
  • Please limit sharing family business posts to twice a year.
  • We encourage you to share all Christian and/or homeschool related events, sales, and business announcements.
  • We welcome you to submit calendar events, including field trips.
  • Use the link provided on the calendar page to submit requests.
  • We encourage sharing political events and candidate information or other hot-topics that come up when raising a family. Post responsibly.


WCCHE’s Personal Safety Policy

The parents/guardians are absolutely responsible for their children at all WCCHE events. Children are not to be dropped off or left without adult supervision at any WCCHE event. Children should always be accompanied to the restroom by a trusted adult.